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KillerKillingKiller's News

Am back

2010-12-22 15:47:06 by KillerKillingKiller

Probably gunna use xmas money for scanner so I can become art worthy in the Grounds'...
Probably not though...


2010-06-03 12:26:49 by KillerKillingKiller

It's here! Now what?

Total bordemness

2010-04-02 21:52:41 by KillerKillingKiller

So bored i didnt even want to spell "Bordemness" right... If there is even a right way

You dirty little lint licker

2010-03-23 17:50:33 by KillerKillingKiller

I edited this because I'm bored

To bad, it was pretty cool

Is working on

2010-03-09 08:55:31 by KillerKillingKiller

A new concept picture for a game me and this other guy are making

The game's not gunna be on newgrounds, sadly :P

And not a thing to do.


2010-02-02 07:53:45 by KillerKillingKiller

Soft 'n jiggly boobies!


2009-12-17 08:35:47 by KillerKillingKiller

In soviet Russia, sentry saps you


2009-11-18 07:46:28 by KillerKillingKiller

Thinking about submitting stuff after x-mas...

Does FL-studios work or is there somekind of Newgrounds Audio program? >_>


2009-11-15 21:47:29 by KillerKillingKiller

Ehhh.... Just forget it... ¬-¬